Luke 💚's The Timesheet Feature

Timesheet ensures no billable time falls between the cracks

Nominated by Luke Eiserman, Customer Growth Expert at Actionstep, our latest Feature Spotlight lets you see all your time records and disbursements at a glance.

We asked Luke 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love these features within Timesheet as much as Luke does!

Why I love it

Actionstep Timesheet is such a simple way for lawyers to track time and costs. It automatically adds in time and costs so there’s no rush to collate detailed reports at the end of a billing cycle. There's no need to dig up matters records or spent time scanning through notes to see if the time has been recorded since everyday tasks are already recorded. 

Additionally, timesheet can suggest entries - for example; if you accessed a matter but had not allocated any time to the action, it would recognize this unallocated time and suggest an entry. 

These features within our timesheets reduces admin workload, helps you bill accurately and is also great for tracking productivity.

What it does

Timesheet lists out all time entries for e.g. matter created, matter accessed, document generated, matter step change, file note created, contact created etc for the current date.
All matters created/updated, documents generated/updated, emails sent, file notes, contacts created and calendar appointments created are all listed out for the day and can be converted to time records or dismissed.

Read more about time entries >> 

Disbursements are also listed out for the current date.

Read more about disbursements >> 

How it makes a difference to law firms

Timesheet helps to boost your revenue and control costs as you have a clear oversight of all activities performed within your firm and see what activities or costs need to be adjusted or cut.

Plus, Timesheet keeps your firm organised and ahead of deadlines e.g. when a matter is created, accessed or updated it’s all recorded, even when a document is generated, updated or downloaded. This way you don’t have to remember what’s been done and can focus on the next task, leading to increased productivity.

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