Need a quick and easy way to capture file notes while on the move? Introducing the Scratchpad.

Are you jotting notes into a notebook and then manually converting them into actions, emails and file notes? 

Removing double handling of notes is one of the simplest productivity hacks to implement for legal professionals.

The Scratchpad within Actionstep is a great place to jot what's on your mind and deal with it later. Capture meeting notes on your laptop, phone or tablet and convert them into several items such as file notes, tasks, appointments, etc.

Capture as file note email etc

You can dictate scratch notes into the mobile app when you're on the go and they will appear in Actionstep next time you log in.

"Scratchpad - by far my favorite feature in Actionstep.  It is so great to not have to muck around choosing the related contact etc when you just need to get your ideas down for later.  It's a huge part of my business too, as we need to capture all advice given in writing. It's effectively my notebook on the go but much more versatile!" 



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