What's new in Actionstep? 

We've rounded up some of the updates made to Actionstep throughout October - from Document Versioning, sorting matter types, deleting bill templates - there have been some really positive feature releases and updates.

Here are our product update highlights for this month:

  • Document Versioning 
  • Report Overview screen
  • Full list of system improvements and releases

Check out Our Product Support Centre for a full list of all release, updates and bug fixes.

Document Versioning 

A new feature - Document Versioning has been introduced. This will be a continually improving feature that allows lawyers to save and access different versions of documents. The release is based on feedback from our customers on the most important aspects of Document Versioning. 

This feature enables lawyers to: 

  • Manage documents within the correct matter
  • Get the full history of the creation of the document
  • Browse & download previous document versions

See the full article on Document Versioning >> 

See a sample of Document Versioning below: 


Report Overview Screen 

New Report Overview feature for all users, some of you will be familiar with this feature as it was previously available to customers who opted in using feature flag. 

The Report Overview feature lets you filter reports by categories such as Matter, Billing, Accounting and Trust Accounting. There is also a search function available, allowing users to quickly find a specific report. Furthermore there is the option of highlighting your favourite reports to make them available at the top of your screen whenever you need them. 

Find out more >>

See a sample of Report Overview screen below:


Round-up of Releases & System Improvements 

In addition, we have a number of other releases and system improvements this month, including:  

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