Are you using Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Office 365?

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Based on some fantastic feedback from our users, we have made some updates and improvements to Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365. 

Matter Suggestions for Draft Emails 

One of the things our users love about the add-in is how it suggests matters to assign emails you have received or sent. We have now extended this to emails as they are still being drafted. 
The add-in now automatically provides matter suggestions based on the email addresses of those in the "to, cc and bcc" fields. The final version of the email is saved to matter file once sent.

Inbox search for bulk email assignments

You can now search your inbox and sent items for emails to assign to a matter when using the bulk email assign function. No more scrolling!

MicrosoftTeams-image (27)


Attaching files to draft emails

Some of you were having an issue attaching matter files to draft emails with the desktop version of Outlook. We have updated the add-in to solve this - you can now attach matter files to a draft email when using the desktop or online version of Outlook on a Mac, PC or any other device. 



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