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Manage your practice from Outlook

We asked two customer firms to tell us what they love about Actionstep's new Outlook Add-in and why: 

Why I love it

Says Mark Luscombe from Luscombe Legal "As a Mac user firm, Actionstep's new Outlook Add-in has the type of functionality that I have been searching for for a long time…I can’t wait to start adding template emails and attachments."

Peter Mericka from Lawyers Conveyancing says "I moved from my firms email from gmail to outlook to have the functionality that the add-in brings!"

What it does

Actionstep’s new Outlook Add-in is like a matter management hub right in your inbox. You can access matter detail, update files, see who is taking care of related tasks, track which emails have been filed to matters – and much more. See how it can benefit your firm >>

Mark says "Very few practice management systems handle email like MS Outlook does. With Actionstep’s MS Outlook add-in, its business as usual, but with all the extra smarts that Actionstep brings to the table – and there’s a lot of them. We love it."

See an example below of assigning an email to a matter: 


How it makes a difference to law firms

"For most lawyers, MS Outlook has been their habitual workspace - the central point from which all work and communication is done. Enforcing separate practice software or workflow management systems on top of that can cause significant conflict with decreased productivity and clunky task management running 2 systems and collaboration tools. With Actionstep’s Outlook Add-in we have found our new normal!"

Peter Mericka says "We rely heavily on Actionstep in relation to file management and being able for me to monitor all incoming emails and assign them into the correct matters and tasks as required is great for keeping a historical trail of correspondence and assists me to manage risk."

Read more:


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