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Getting work done in Microsoft Office is a crucial part of millions of people’s jobs & daily lives - ourselves included. That’s why we all breathed a sigh of relief at Actionstep when we released a new Office365 integration for Mac users. This means our Mac users can more easily manage documents in Actionstep. 

New Office plugin

Due to a technical change by Microsoft several years ago, we were unable to support our Office plugin for our Mac users. This meant Mac users had to go through some extra steps to update and save documents. Exactly the kind of inefficiency Actionstep likes to get rid of! 

How does it work?

With our new Office integration, Mac users can easily open matter documents from Actionstep directly in Office – both on Desktop or Online versions. Any changes made to the document in Office can then be saved back to the source document stored on the matter in Actionstep.

In addition, Actionstep's new online Office Integration allows users to access Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files stored in Actionstep from Office's cloud-based versions of the Office Suite. This functionality is designed to make editing and collaborating on Actionstep documents even easier.  

Benefits for Actionstep's Mac users

There will be less time wasted on saving updated files locally and manually uploading them back into Actionstep. There is also better version control by being able to update, collaborate and save between Office and Actionstep – keeping the most up to date document where it should be. 

How to switch it on 

If you are a Mac user and want to give this new Office365 integration a whirl, please ask your Admin user to switch it on via the feature toggle found in the Feature Preview section in either system preferences or general settings. We’re sure that you will love using it as much as we have. 

Find out more about our Office365 integration in our help centre. 


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