Share Matter Data between related Matters

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Our latest How to... looks at sharing matter data between related matters

  • What is Shared Data Collections? 
  • Where to go in the system to share matter data 
  • What are my options?
  • How it can help my law firm?

Ok, lets dig in...

1. First, why should I know how to do this?

Sharing data collections helps to increase efficiency as it links different matter types to relevant data collections e.g. Conveyancing related matters linked with relevant data collection.

Note: Data collections are customised for each matter type in your system so when data sharing occurs then the applicable data collection will appear on the related matter type.

2. Where do I start in Actionstep?

Navigate Admin -> Matter Types -> Click on Matter Type -> Matter Data -> Edit

See sample image below: 


See a step-by-step guide here >>

3. Multiple Matters

In addition, multiple matters that have shared data collections can be easily viewed as shared data collection types and matter numbers are listed when opening a matter, which is useful and time-saving.


4. How does Shared Data Collections help my firm?

Using Shared Data Collections in Actionstep provides you with key information on each matter, which cuts down on users having to search and find info elsewhere. It also allows you to create creative, time-saving ways to customise your matter types so that they are specific to different processes while still having the key information on your important matters. Overall it helps your law firm to have a more transparent overview of their matters, plus searching is more effective as related matters are linked, leading to increased productivity and better client experience.

5. Where can I find more information?

Check out our support center for full details on Shared Data Collections>>

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