How to...series 

Our How to... series gives practical tips and step by step guides on how to do lots of different things in Actionstep. We develop these based on the queries raised by customers with our support team.

This month's How to...guides are on:

  • How to create a pop-up alert to send a message to a colleague
  • How to view what your colleagues have been working on
  • How to add last file note as a column on a list view

Ok, lets dig in...

How To Create A Pop-Up Alert To Send A Message To A Colleague

When using an Actionstep system, alerts can be set up in multiple ways to notify staff. Alerts can appear as a pop-up on someone else’s screen, like an instant message. This is an intuitive and useful feature as it ensures no one misses any crucial tasks.  

Alerts in Actionstep can be associated with manual tasks (which are tasks assigned by users) automatic tasks (tasks that are assigned on step changes), calendar appointments and stand-alone alerts (used on any instance you want to send a message to a colleague, for example, checking a file note).

This is a highly beneficial feature for law firms as it ensures all cases/tasks are up to date, no deadlines are missed, no repetitive work, better tracking of work, leading to increased productivity and more effective communication between staff.


How To View What Your Colleagues Have Been Working On

The recent activity feed within Actionstep shows you what is happening in Actionstep in real-time. For example; you are able to see what everyone on your team has been doing at a glance. There are three options which you can filter the activity feed by “mine,” “related” and “all.”

Mine: shows all activities that you have done recently in the system.

Related: shows activities that you are assigned to or a participant of like a matter.

All: shows all activity in the database that you have permission to see.

This is a highly beneficial feature in Actionstep, especially if you’re working from different locations as it allows law firms to track cases and track tasks in real time, seeing when a task was created, when a file note was updated, when a purchase invoice was posted etc, leading to better organisation and increased productivity.  


How To Add Last File Note As A Column On A List View

Within Actionstep you can add a last file note as a column on a list view to help keep up with recent changes to your matters. We know that law firms who are on top of their work will access a matter and still require more work till completion and therefore a file note can be added. This simple 1,2 approach leads to increased team collaboration and better organisation.

List views of matters are great as they let you see all your work in one place.

This is a highly beneficial feature for law firms as you get an overview of what is on and where things are up to. Having your last file note on a matter list view means you can scan through your list view and identify the matters that you need to work on next. It builds a picture of the work in front of you so you can organise your working day better.

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