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Keep clients up-to-date & take pressure off your inbox

Nominated by James Shorey, Customer Growth Team Lead at Actionstep UK, our latest Feature Spotlight is a much-loved gem by our customers as well as their clients: the Client Portal.

We asked James 3 questions and here are his responses. We hope you check them out and love Client Portal as much as James does!

Why I love it

Not many of our competitors have this, so it's a real value-add for Actionstep customers. It means users do not need to buy a third party package or integrate anything to get secure document sharing and clients communications functionality. 

What it does

The client portal allows lawyers to securely share documents with clients related to their matter through a login portal. There is also a messaging tool to send messages through a secure, controlled platform and it keeps an audit trail of all activity. Clients can upload documents, make edits and send messages without creating long email streams.


What it lets law firms do 

Client portal takes the pressure off lawyers' inboxes - reducing email traffic and side-stepping file size restrictions. The client portal gives clients access to specific information and documents directly within the matter. Access is designated by the lawyer, so clients only see what they want them to see. Clients are automatically alerted when a new document or information is added to their portal. It takes away the need to email document versions, keep track of edits and send regular matter updates. The audit trail also gives lawyers great insight on how often the client is interacting with their matter information. 

Nominate a Feature Spotlight

We are always delighted and occasionally surprised by what our customers really love most about our system. Different firms use Actionstep in different ways. Identifying Features Spotlights is one of the ways we can share knowledge and business insights within our community of lawyers across the globe.

If you would like to nominate a Feature Spotlight, please email our Communications Team with your idea. We have spot prizes for the most impactful or unusual suggestions!


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