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Nominated by Roxanna Nematollahi, Database Analyst/Support Staff at Animal Legal Defense Fund, our latest Feature Spotlight helps you to put your data to work for better matter, client and practice insights.

Custom Data in Actionstep means the different types of data that your firm can use to create standard fields on your matter or participant types.

We asked Roxanna 3 questions and here are her responses. We hope you check them out and love the Custom Data feature as much as Roxanna does!

Why I love it

As a data person, I like being able to create, filter, and sort through Custom Data in Actionstep.

What it does

It helps keep track of our Litigation cases and lets us filter through roughly 80 practice areas (such as Business, Commerce, Trademark..). We collect data on the cases ALDF are working on and can see what stage they are at. We work nationally, so we can keep track based on several criteria, such as which state, status, practice area they relate to. Custom Data also helps with our end of year reporting.

How it makes a difference to law firms

Being a non-profit, Custom Data allows us to collect data based off the various cases we are working on and see what stage they are in. We can easily generate our regular reports from Custom Data with heads up rules. As a result, it enables management to communicate easier with the media or potential donors.

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Watch this quick overview video about Custom Data: 

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