Actionstep Product Update

New option to use Actionstep without integrated general ledger accounting 

Billing and Trust Accounting are fundamental parts of running a law firm but because they can affect your accounts, Actionstep used to require you to setup your whole accounting system before you could do either. That has changed with our recently released Billing / Trust Accounting Only option.

With Billing / Trust Accounting Only we are accounting for (no pun intended!) people who do not want to switch their accounting to Actionstep’s built in general ledger accounting or to one of our market leading accounting integration partners QuickBooks Online or Xero.

What is the Billing / Trust Accounting Only option?

To make customer systems more streamlined and provide an easier set-up, we have developed an option to use Actionstep without an accounting product, simply called “Billing / Trust Accounting Only”. Available in our Express and Practice Pro product plans, this option continues to allow customers to bill their clients and comply with their trust requirements within Actionstep.

Who will find the Billing / Trust Accounting Only option useful?

This is a great option for customers who do not use Xero or QuickBooks Online for their accounting, do not wish to change their accounting provider and are happy to manually enter transactions into that accounting package. It is also for customers who choose not to use any accounting product based on their business requirements (for example customers who use an external accounting practice to manage their accounts). 

How does Billing / Trust Accounting Only work?

  1. In setting up Actionstep, an Admin can choose the Billing / Trust Accounting Only option in Express or Practice Pro.
  2. Once the Billing / Trust Accounting Only option is selected, users will be asked for minimum requirements to be able to process transactions (eg, nominate bank accounts, with name and number).
  3. Transactions are then posted as normal to process payments against bills but users won’t see any General Ledger activity. 
  4. Users will still be able to look at any relevant billing reporting they would be able to see if they were using an Accounting tool.
  5. Users will have full access to time recordings, billing, and trust functionality. 

Find out more about using Actionstep with Billing / Trust Accounting Only in our user guide >> 


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