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Our latest How to... looks at 

  • What are auto-assigned tasks?!
  • Where to go in the system to auto-assign tasks
  • How it can help your law firm 

Ok, lets dig in...

1. First, why should I know how to do this?

Whether you want to install a common process for your users, meet compliance or best practice requirements or just know you have done what needs to be done for your clients, Auto-assigned tasks can help. These tasks will be created automatically by the system when you want them to and can be used to ensure you do what is needed in your case. 

Once you create an auto-assigned task, Actionstep will automatically create a task, assign it to the right person on the matter and set an appropriate due date. The creation of these auto-assigned tasks are triggered by moving a matter to a new step so that you are only creating tasks that are relevant for the part of the process you are currently up to. You can also create auto-assigned tasks to be created as you open a new matter, populating a checklist for users to complete for your client engagement.

2. Where do I start in Actionstep?

In order to set items on a step such as matter data or related matters, they will need to be set in your matter type first. 

Navigate Admin-> Matter Types -> Select the 'matter type' -> Click on 'Workflow'

See a sample image below: 


For Express users: Navigate to -> Admin > Auto-assigned tasks

3. How does Auto-assigned tasks help your firm?

Auto-assigned tasks are a great example of the automation that Actionstep can offer your law firm. There are more complex options you can use to speed up your working day. As you configure an auto-assigned task you can:

  • Make sure a matter cannot be closed or moved to a nominated step without completing the task
  • Prompt the user to create a time record for the time they spend completing the task (and pre-populating that time record for faster entry)
  • Alert users or third parties of changes to the auto-assigned task, like the task becoming overdue, or being completed.

4. Where can I find more information?

Check out our support centre for full details on Auto-assigned tasks>>

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