The Best Time to use Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365

Efficiency taken to another level!

Based on some fantastic feedback from our users, we have made some updates and improvements to Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Microsoft 365. Lawyers live in Outlook…and so does Actionstep. These changes make the add-in so much more than a way to assign emails to matters, they bring even more practice management functionality into your Outlook.

Saving attachments to a matter

One of the things our users love about the add-in is how you can save attachments to matters. We now have a new process in place which lists out all the attachments and you can automatically choose or rename the attachments listed and move it to the specific folder you require.

saving attachments

Add tags to files notes

You can now select tags to be added to file notes as you create them.

add tags


Assign tasks to other users

Before you were not able to assign tasks to other users, now you can simply assign tasks to other users in your firm. Plus, you can assign tasks to different matters as well.

assign tasks


Create button available right away!

The create button is always now available on screen for you to create a contact, file note, time-entry or a task before the email is even assigned. You can change the matter that any individual record you create is linked to or assign it to additional matters - without changing how your email is assigned. Additionally, you don't have to assign an email to create a record. If you think of a task that needs doing, a time record you need to record or a note that you should place against a matter, you can do it where you are, in your Outlook.

create button5


Check out our summary video to give you an overview of how the Add-in works

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