LawPay Integration

Actionstep has released a LawPay integration for lawyers in America. LawPay is a payment solution that ensures law firms get paid quicker and more securely. Research also shows that 90% of customers pay within a month when using LawPay. 

How does it work? 

Actionstep’s LawPay integration is a simple set-up process, leading to great benefits and simplifying how you work.  

Once LawPay is set-up in your Actionstep system, clients will start to notice a new link appear in their emails send by you, which represents their bill. Clients can easily pay by clicking the link and won’t have to keep remembering their bills. Plus, this link can also be added to invoices to improve cash flow and processing, leading to more streamlined billing for your practice.

There is also the option to process refunds through LawPay.


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About LawPay

LawPay is recommended by 48 state bars, trusted by 50,000 lawyers and is the only payment solution offered through ABA advantage program.

To find out more, visit LawPay's website here.  

How does it help your law firm? 

Integrating Actionstep with LawPay results in a smarter practice as it makes it easier for clients to pay, meaning law firms get paid faster and constantly. Also payments are automatically recorded in the system which cuts down manual data entry that staff need to do.  


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