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At Actionstep, our aim is to simplify the way lawyers work and give them the headspace listen, engage and make a difference to clients, everyday. In recognition of World Mental Health Day, Actionstep has released a Staff Management & Wellbeing Add-on, in partnership with LawCareThis free tool gives law firms access to LawCare’s full library of well-being factsheets and mental health helpline contact information within the Actionstep platform. Promoting a range of awareness and wellbeing topics, managers can use this toolkit to support their staff within the sometimes stressful, fast-paced legal environment.  

How does it work? 

Firms who use Actionstep as their legal practice management system will be familiar with how our customisable cloud-based technology can be shaped to suit any firms needs - creating unlimited legal and management file types, integrating with key tools and adding on valuable pre-built modules. We encourage our users and partners to innovate and create new ways of working within their Actionstep system – so much so that they can even publish their work on our website’s marketplace to share with the rest of the Actionstep community as “add-on solutions”. We have seen solutions for specific areas of law, staff management /HR filessales tools and many more add-ons being built, published and avidly shared between firms. 

Our Staff Management & Wellbeing Add-on, in partnership with LawCare, is one of the add-on solutions now available in our marketplace. Although this is geared to our UK customers, we intend to develop similar add-ons for other markets. 

The LawCare Add-on is free for all Actionstep users to install from our marketplace here. 

About LawCare

LawCare is a registered UK charity that promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community. With over 100 volunteers, LawCare provides helpline services, information and advice to lawyers across the UK. To find out more, visit LawCare’s website here. 

The link between Wellness and Virtual Working 

The need for better staff-care in the legal sector comes during the rise of the virtual law practice and the increased adoption of remote working. Driven by the need to give lawyers a better work/life balance, firms are seeing huge benefits in adopting virtual ways of working and, in many cases, starting out with a completely virtual model. 

For individual lawyers, the biggest benefit of working remotely or as part of a virtual configuration or remote working policy is that you can maintain a work/life balance nearer to what you really want. For more information on Virtual Working and the benefits to both firms and individual lawyers, check out our Virtual Law Solution and Download our Guide: 10 Benefits of Virtual Ways of Working  



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