Actionstep, a leading law firm practice management software provider, has announced the release of the most comprehensive Outlook Add-in available for law firms using Office 365.

With Actionstep's Outlook Add-in for Office 365, users can stay in Outlook while they update client files with relevant documents, communications & notes; review matter status; record time; assign and complete tasks; and keep clients informed in real time.

This reduces the productivity loss of moving between systems and improves the quality of the data in a law firm's practice management system - because real time updates are more complete, timely and accurate.

Speaking of the release of Actionstep's Outlook Add-in, David Hepburn,  Actionstep's Global President, said "Outlook is where we spend the most time working each day. It is counter-intuitive to leave Outlook to update other systems with information that is already in Outlook. ​We've created this Add-in to keep lawyers in the systems where they are most productive. This is part of our overall strategy to "meet lawyers where lawyers are" - letting them run their practice through their preferred tools, on any device, anywhere."

This is the most comprehensive suite of practice management functions within Outlook available from any Practice Management Software provider. It includes the most used functions of Actionstep’s full browser version, including:

  • Work on any devices – all you need is an Office 365 account
  • Access to client files and matters directly in Outlook (without leaving Outlook to see & edit data)​.
  • View and create new contacts, file notes, time entries, billing details, parties involved, tasks
  • Assign emails to matters – individual or bulk upload (keep working while they upload)
  • Add-in auto-suggests matters to assign based on parties involved & file selected
  • Assign attachments to specific matter folders & subfolders
  • Search & select matter documents to attach to an email
  • Get control of your inbox - emails & attachments already assigned are clearly marked in Outlook so users can see what has been filed 

By capturing client and matter detail in real time, firm file data is more accurate and clients are more frequently updated on progress.

This is Actionstep’s first version of the Outlook365 add-in. It builds on their recent release of Actionstep’s Word Add-in for Office 365.

Based on a deep understanding of how lawyer’s work, Actionstep’s latest release marks the legal software provider’s broader strategy to "meet lawyers where they are" with the productivity tools they need to manage their practice and keep their inbox organised. 

Contact: David Hepburn, President


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